Amore Festival

Since 2004 Amore Festival is the Italian Landmark in scouting and promoting the best musical tendencies, joining various styles in a single crowd, moving from House Music , Deep House, Electro, and Techno Beats.

In the years, the number of people attracted by Festivals and “event-travels” is constantly risen, in the last 20 years a lot of young and less young people collect money and plan their holidays following the dates of these big events.
Amore has been the first in Italy to offer a travel experience made on purpose for this target. A big machine specialized in accommodating groups and organizing side events.

Some parties have been made in locations such as in places like Sheraton, Ergife, and Marriott.

More than 200 artists guested in the 16 editions, joining in Rome stage and representing a wide variety
of countries worldwide and different music styles, from electronic to Techno, from House to Hip-Hop,
to the rhythms of Bass music and Edm.

The brand market strategy benefits from the positive hype that this kind of event generates not only for the youngers, following the rising trend in terms of participation in the last years, but also for keeping a huge and solid fan base developed between years with the aim to offer to a large variety of the public a high quality for an emotionally engaging product.

Festival production staff is working constantly all year and in the six months before the event, more
than 1000 different professionals are involved in the making. Music is the ever-evolving soundtrack of our life,
the passion crosses the generations, and people looking forward to the future.

Live an experience of real sharing is one of our missions. The countless professionals working
on the event are the proof of the big machine of Amore, and how much can be interesting
a kind of event like this.

Each edition took place in exclusive locations (Fiera di Roma, Nuova Fiera Roma, Cinecittà World,
Villa Ada Open Air, Ex-Cartiera CityLab 971) with innovative productions and the best art directors
(among which Giancarlino e Manfredi Romano).

Prestigious magazine Mix-Mag in 2015 awarded Amore Festival as the second-best NYE event, only after Awakenings (in its 20th year).

Amore has been hosted in different international contexts, in Germany, London, the United States, Mexico, and Brasil. 

Lately, the Festival has become even a multiple-day event, like a real music holiday, arranging trips from Italy to offer a more complete experience alternating gigs with some music research-oriented Club nights.